About us

Flexibility, competence and professionalism are the characteristics with which the projects are addressed in order to always guarantee the best solution our technical/commercial office is at your disposal to support you in the development of systems Personalized oil-hydraulic, also guaranteeing an efficient and timely after-sales service.
Our History
The Cav. Carlo Barbieri, Founder of the Company

The Oleodynamic Bi. Effe was born in the far 1967.
One of the founders was the Cav. Carlo Barbieri.
From the beginning to the present day, the Company has largely qualified itself with a wide range of products for hydraulic system components such as: rough Valves, diverters, inverters, compensated and non throttlers valves, one-way valves, block, emergency valves, flow dividers, hand pumps, etc…
The Oleodynamic Products Bi. Effe are requested by a clientele not only Italian but of many foreign countries such as: Germany, Holland, Turkey, England, Spain, Ireland, South Africa, India, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and others..
The continuous innovation is the basis of the strategies and the growth of Oleodynamic Bi. Effe, which collects the challenges proposed by its customers to grow and improve.